Beautified and Victorious

Psalm 149:4 amp.

For the Lord takes pleasure in His people; He will beautify the humble with salvation and adorn the wretched with victory.

As Christians,we have to reasonably love ourselves.We can be strong and secure in Christ, and that is His will. But we have to remain humble. Being humble has nothing to do with having a low opinion of  ourselves. It simply means to not think too highly if ourselves. After all, what do we have to  boast about? It is God who created us the way we are. Being thankful of the way we are is the best attitude to have. God created us with strengths and weaknesses. We are not a surprise for Him. This verse explains that when we humbled ourselves to ask for forgiveness our sins and invited Him and His Kingdom to live in us, He granted us salvation, eternal life.The second part shows us that in ours weaknesses,if we surrender to Him completely He will grant us complete victory. This is not always easy. Even I try sometime to take control of my weaknesses myself in order not to sin against Him. But everytime I try to do that, I fail. We tend to forget  the verse that says”I have been crucified with Christ,it is no longer I that lives but Christ that lives in me”.If we invite Jesus in us to take control of us, He will grant us complete victory. Never forget that our walk with God is one day after another. It is one thing to know in our heads, another to know in our hearts, if you have a problem with taking things one day at the time, ask God to give you a revelation in your heart. And take note that the verse says beautify with salvation. In the eye if our God we are beautiful.In our walk with God, we have to renew our minds with the Word every day, love ourselves reasonably,stay humble (because every good thing we have, God gave us in His goodness), be reverent toward God and not be to hard on ourselves, be conscious that God is changing us everyday and most of all, pursue peace and love in our own self and in your lives with others, we will have a good walk with God. I think not only are we beautiful for our Father but when our walk is like I mentioned,our life becomes beautiful also. We have an awesome God! 💗


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