Power prayers

Psalm 27:7 AMP
Hear, O Lord, when I cry aloud; have mercy and be gracious to me and answer me!

Today I want to speak to you about power prayers. This is what I call a prayer which consist only of  saying out loud a Word of God and thanksgiving. Yes, you can tell God how are you feel, every little detail of your life that bugs you because He is very interested and he will help you.A power prayer is for me a call to God that you can do once or many times a day using His Word. Let me give you an example: When I was young and found myself without a job I had in my mind only 2 possible ways to react. I could panic and have anxiety about the rent and the bills to pay or I could trust God.I always chose trusting God, so what I would do many times a day when anxiety would come, is saying out loud Thank You God for this is an occasion for You to glorify Your name in my life!Thank You that your Word says that You will provide for all my needs according to your riches and glory in Jesus’s name and I choose to believe that You will give me a job and I will be able to pay my rent and bills in time! Thank You that your Word cannot return to You void,amen! See?  In this power prayer I used 2 promises of God and I made a conscious decision to put my trust in Him. He never let me down.He always provided in time. For God it is a serious thing. Like when He healed the blind man He said according to your faith it shall be done to you. God blesses us according to the amount of faith we have that He will. We absolutely have to believe that His Word is the truth and He Acts on it because it cannot return to Him void (without any effect in our lives).I am grateful and thankful that His Word is filled from the Ancient testament to the new of promises of our God. You can also pray His attributes,for example,you can say God your Word says that You are love and that you love me,so I choose to believe it and I receive your love in Jesus’s name,amen.Those power prayers played the principal role for me to enter the rest of God (total peace of mind no matter what happens).But we cannot view the Bible as a story book.We have to see it as it really is: a living power, (John 1:1) Jesus Christ. When we truly believe the Word and have a solid faith, nothing can shake us really. So have faith and gain peace! 💗


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