Mistakes avoided

Your Word have I laid up in my heart, that I might not sin against You.
Psalm 119:11 amp

Like I wrote in previous articles, everybody makes mistakes,even born again believers. The Word says that there is not one righteous. Christians are all made the righteousness of God through Jesus’s sacrifice for us (Thank You Lord!).  But He gave us one weapon of warfare: His Word. This Psalm verse that to not sin against God we have to hold the Word in our hearts. I like to call it dwelling the Word. When satan tried to tempt Jesus, our Lord answered “it is written… ” at each proposition the devil made and it made the devil give up and flee. When we are tempted to make a mistake, the best thing to do is pray the Word and the devil will flee. I am not saying that doing that will give us total victory over sin, if that would be the case we would have no need for God’s grace. The ultimate goal is to be totally dependent on Him. That is the type of relationship He wants to have with each one of us. But as we realize that (as the Word says) we have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer us that live but Christ that live in us, that sin as no longer any dominion over us and that because of Christ’s victory over sin we are all dead to it. That is why I call it making a mistake. We are truly dead to sin so when we make a mistake it is because we make the decision to do it. We have to keep in mind that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ but it is not an excuse to sin. But God knows what we go through, why we do what we do, and we are not a surprise for him. For weapon of warfare we have the Word (and praying it)  and when we fall we have His grace. God does not want us to be perfect for it would render unecessary the need for His grace and the type of relationship He wants with each one of us. So when we fall,we have to ask for His forgiveness,to be cleaned by the blood if Jesus,receive His forgiveness and move on. Tomorrow is another day, with our slate wiped clean and grace renewed we march forward not with the intention of not sinning, because that would mean we want to control ourselves and we will fall. We have to march forward knowing that God is in control and that Jesus is Lord of every area of our lives, praying without ceasing because the Word says that this makes our prayers very powerful and spending time with God and the Word. Also remember please that when we become totally dependent on Him, that is when He blesses us with His rest: total peace of mind 💗


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