The Love story

Psalm 130:5 AMP

I wait for the Lord, I expectantly wait, and in His word do I hope.

As Christians, we all have different callings for our lives. Every calling is meant to serve the Lord. But the goal of living in Christ is to become more and more like Him a little bit every day. In order for that to happen we have to abide in the Word and in prayer. Yes, we become a new creature when we give our lives and hearts to Jesus. Being a new creature in Jesus means having the Kingdom of God (Father,Son,Spirit and all His fruits) come to live inside us, and we become dead to sin (sin does not have any power on us anymore, but it does not mean we become perfect). I like to think about waiting on the Lord as having a real need and expectation for Him to reveal Himself to us. In His Word do I hope shows us that our hope has to be in God’s promises and the attributes of God. We were created for the sole purpose of walking in the path that He has created for us. We cannot, absolutely not judge other Christians if they know God better than us or have a gift of the Holy Spirit that we do not have. Each individual in Christ grows at a different pace. We all have to be molded and changed before we enter what God has called us to do. God, in His perfect love, tells us, hear my child, I will guide you in the path that I chose for you, meanwhile just be in Me (Thank You God). Is is not at all about wandering until we get what we hope for. The most important part of being a born again Christian is our relationship with God. He craves for a relationship with us. His deepest desire is to bless us and love us. The greatness of just being in Him is just getting to know Him (I strongly suggest the amplified Bible for that because of is more precise with Greek and Hebrew meanings), believe His promises, place our Hope in Christ, learning from the Word who we are in Christ, and have peace of mind. He knows our needs and desires, He will provides for us in His perfect timing. Psalm 130 verse 5 in my opinion defines with the most clarity in what manner with ought to walk in Christ. Of course, it is a very short verse. From my experience, getting to know God and who we are in Christ are simply two truly beautifully amazing to learn. While we get to know Him He shows his glory in our lives non stop. It is a love story that never changes, that never gets boring and that lasts forever💜


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