Our words have power

Psalm 141:1-3 amp.

Lord, I call upon You; hasten to me. Give ear to my voice when I cry to You. Let my prayer be set forth as incense before You, the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice. [I Tim. 2:8; Rev. 8:3, 4.] Set a guard, O Lord, before my mouth; keep watch at the door of my lips.

It took me a long time to truly learn what this part of David’s psalm. When it came to me as a word from the Holy Spirit, it became clear for me. A lot of born again believers, even me, come to God in prayer for all kinds of situations confessing the Word, claiming it and applying it to our situation. At first, we are full of faith that God will answer us. But as you all know, His answers and delivrances don’t always come right away. Then comes the tricky part. If we get impatient (like a lot of us humans do), then the enemy starts whispering doubts in our minds. Soon after we start thinking things like “Didn’t God notice the urgency of my prayer? “It’s been so long now,  maybe that means God will not answer me ” “I am starting to believe that what I asked for will probably not happen”.We start feeling miserable. Then our thoughts start to come out of our mouth and that is when we get in trouble. The only time when God does not give us what we want is when it is not His will for for us and when what we ask Him will not bless us but hurt us. In the Word, God  says His Word shall not return to Him void (meaning without producing any effect). Every day I ask Him to set watch at the door of my lips. The Word says that in the tong there is the power to bless and to kill, and this does not apply only to the effect it has on others, it affects us also. Remember I told you God will bless us according to the amount of faith we have? When we start confessing fears, doubts, discouragement concerning what we prayed about, this great faith we had when we prayed it starts melting away. I am not saying you cannot go to God in prayer asking Him to forgive you for what you confessed and for doubting Him does not work. Far from it! God will graciously forgive us and restore our faith in Him answering our prayer. When us believers have rock solid faith the enemy almost does not bother us anymore. So the lesson here is pray about something, choose to believe that God will answer in His perfect timing and do not talk about it to others. If you must, then talk about how God will glorify himself in your life by answering. But do not talk negatively about it and break the power of the words of other people who can (without even realizing it) plant doubts and fears in your mind. Stand strong in faith! ❤


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