Be quick to forgive

Psalm 86:5 amp.

For You, O Lord, are good, and ready to forgive [our trespasses, sending them away, letting them go completely and forever]; and You are abundant in mercy and loving-kindness to all those who call upon You.

Our Lord is so amazingly good, and He forgave us so many iniquities! Why then do we sometimes have a hard time to forgive others? We love God, we want to be more like Him every day, and yet we all struggle, and that is actually okay. Not okay to sin, but God knows us and when we ask Him for forgiveness He literally deletes our sin, He remembers it no more. We have to strive to be like Him on this area. We have to forgive quickly and not hold grudges. How many relationships were totally destroyed because of grudges! It is truly sad. We have to remember Mark 11:26 where he says if we do not forgive, our Father in heaven will not forgive our failings and shortcomings. In other words if you hold a grudge against someone do not expect God to answer your prayers. Even Jesus, in His prayer Our Father in Heaven, really says, forgive our iniquities as we forgive others. It could not be more clear. Another thing to remember, how many times in the old testament God is called our Vindicator? I don’t know for sure but many times. Therefore when we do not forgive and hold grudges we prevent God from giving us justice. I know, some things are way more difficult to forgive, but God showed me what to do in those cases: Choose to forgive even if you don’t feel like it and God will work in you until this forgiveness is no longer a “head” choice but a true, heartfelt action. Don’t listen to anyone telling you things like “Don’t forgive fast” or “Don’t be a dormat”  or “He/she does not deserve to be forgiven” Those way of thinking are the ways of the world and we are not of this world even if we live in it. Forgiveness is NEVER overrated in God’s Kingdom. 💜


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