Healthy relationship with the Lord

Psalm 27:8 amp.

You have said, Seek My face [inquire for and require My presence as your vital need]. My heart says to You, Your face (Your presence), Lord, will I seek, inquire for, and require [of necessity and on the authority of Your Word].

It is truly hard for many people with extremely busy lives to set time aside when they get up in the morning to spend with the Lord. Fortunately we have a God Who understands, so how much time we take is not important. It is not for nothing that the Lord said “inquire for and require My presence as your vital need”. In the Webster dictionary the word vital is defined as follows:

Existing as a manifestation of life.
Concerned with or necessary to the maintenance of life <vitalorgans> <blood and other vital fluids>
Full of life and vigor :  animated.
Fundamentally concerned with or affecting life or living beings: as  tending to renew or refresh the living :  invigorating or
destructive to life :  mortalb :  of the utmost importance <a vital clue> <vital resources>.
Recording data relating to lives.

Our time seeking God’s Face and being in His presence prepares us to go through our day. Yes, you read me right. Not to face our day but prepare us to go through our day. Everything that will happen through our day. Every situation that will happen in our day, and to keep the enemy of our souls away. Every little moment that on certain days can make you temporary forget that you ought to behave Christlike with everyone, at work and with our families (I am sure you can think of a few examples). So let’s go back to our definitions of the word vital and apply them to seeking God and spending time with Him:

-It provokes a manifestation of God right were we are.
-It is necessary for the maintenance of our spiritual life.
-It keeps us full of life and vigor in our relationship with God.
-It renews and refresh our spiritual life and our minds
-It is the time relate to God about anything and cast our cares.

See? Without spending daily time with God we become dry, thirsty, and we have no strength to face our days. We will live out our days on our own strength and we will become tired. When that happens the danger to enter a “dry land” is very eminent. God did not set a definite time to be with Him so we can make some time.

Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in You. Show me the way I should go, for to You I entrust my life. (Psalm 143:8)

When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet (Proverbs 3:24)

Time in the morning is meant to prepare us go through the day, time before bed is to let everything go and cast all your cares of the day on Him. Do you want a healthy relationship with the Lord like I do? Then make some time for Him, He more than deserves it, don’t you think? 💜


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